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Holy Trinity Church, Whitfield

There  has been a Church in Whitfield since at least 1550, on a site opposite Whitfield Church of England Primary School. This Church is dedicated to St John; and though still in use during the coldest days of winter, much of its stone was used to build the larger Church of Holy Trinity, illustrated opposite. This building was constructed in 1860.  The architect was A B Higham. Thus, the Church recently celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Alternating with St Mark’s Church at Ninebanks, we worship at Holy Trinity on the second, fourth and occasionaly fifth Sundays of the month, at 9.30am. Services use traditional language. In the depths of winter, however, we worship at the Old Church, St John’s, which is marginally easier to heat! Please see the service rota on our Home page.

We recently held a special service to commemorate the men of Whitfield who gave their lives in the First World War.